Geophysical Methods (GEOS3104/3804)

While I was at Sydney Uni, I coordinated and lectured the 3rd year course " Geophysical Methods (GEOS3104/GEOS3804)" in the 2nd semester and teach this course together with Drs Simon Williams, Leonardo Quevedo and Sascha Brune.

Course outline

This unit introduces the common geophysical methods used to investigate the interior and dynamics of the Earth and focuses on the techniques used for mineral and hydrocarbon exploration. On completion of this unit students will have developed a thorough understanding of the common geophysical methods utilised in academia and the resource exploration industry. They will be able to evaluate and critically assess most forms of geophysical data as well as actively participate in geophysical explorations. Furthermore the course will provide the students with the computational skills to process different geophysical data in an applied, resource exploration-centered perspective. The unit is aimed at students with interests in land-based and marine resource exploration, plate tectonics, internal earth structure/dynamics, and near-surface investigations of groundwater resources and environmental pollution. Students wishing to specialise in the field and become professional geophysicists will normally need to expand upon the geophysics knowledge gained from this unit and either complete an honours project or progress to postgraduate coursework in this field.

Location and times

The UoS will be taught twice a week in Semester 2. Lectures are Tue from 12-1pm and Thu from 11am-12 noon in the Madsen Petrology Lab (F09, Rm 336). The Pracs are Thu afternoon from 1pm-4pm in the computer lab in Madsen (Rm. 301).

In 2011 we will run a geophysical field prac for the first time, using gravity, magnetics and d-GPS to have a closer look at Victoria Park just outside the USYD Camperdown campus. The field prac will happen in semester week 2.


GPlates courses

I have been giving a few introductory courses for the GPlates plate tectonic reconstruction software.


Python GIS course (EarthByte internal)