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In review/preparation

  1. P. Haas, M. Thomas, C. Heine, J. Ebbing, A. Seregin, and J. Van Itterbeeck. Increased metamorphic conditions in the lower crust during oceanic transform fault evolution. Submitted to Solid Earth, 2024-January and currently in public discussion at

Papers and Reports

  1. J. S. Eldrett, S. C. Bergman, C. Heine, P. Edwards, M. Jakeman, N. Miles, B. Hambach, M. Bohaty, Steven, and M. R. Wilding. Integrated bio- and chemo-stratigraphy for Early Cretaceous strata offshore Gabon: Additional constraints on the timing of salt deposition and rifting of the South Atlantic. Marine and Petroleum Geology, page 106037, 2022.
    doi: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2022.106037.
  2. Myron Thomas, Christian Heine, Jimmy van Itterbeeck, Ilya Ostanin, Andrey I Seregin, Tess A. Oude Essink, Tamara Morales Rua: A new model for the evolution of oceanic transform faults based on 3D Broadband Seismic observations from São Tomé and Príncipe in the eastern Gulf of Guinea. Geophys., Geochem., Geosystems, 2023.
    doi: 10.1029/2022GC010351
  3. Peter Haas, R. Dietmar Müller, Jörg Ebbing, Nils-Peter Finger, Mikhail Kaban, and Christian Heine: "Modeling lithospheric thickness along the conjugate South Atlantic passive margins implies asymmetric rift initiation". Tectonics, 2022.
    doi: 10.1029/2021TC006828
  4. Neuharth, Derek, Sascha Brune, Anne Glerum, Christian Heine & Kim Welford: Formation of continental microplates through rift linkage: Numerical modelling and application to the Flemish Cap and Sao Paulo Plateau. Geophys., Geochem., Geosystems., 2021.
    doi 10.1029/2020GC009615
  5. Minisini, Daniel, Patricio Desjardins, Germán Otharán, Maximiliano Paz, Diego Kietzmann, Gregor Eberli, Carlos Zavala, Toni Simo, James H. Macquaker, and Christian Heine, 2020, Sedimentology, depositional model, and implications for reservoir quality, in Daniel Minisini, Manuel Fantín, Iván Lanusse Noguera, and Héctor A. Leanza, eds., Integrated geology of unconventionals: The case of the Vaca Muerta play, Argentina: AAPG Memoir 121, Chapter 8 ,p. 201–236. American Association of Petroleum Geologists, 2020.
    doi: 10.1306/13682228M1203264.
    Minisini et al., 2020.
  6. M. East, R. D. Müller, S. Williams, S. Zahirovic, and C. Heine. Subduction history reveals Cretaceous slab superflux as a possible cause for the mid-Cretaceous plume pulse and superswell events. Gondwana Research, 79, 2020.
    doi: 10.1016/
    Associated data and Python notebooks on Zenodo/via DOI DOI
  7. R. D. Müller, S. Zahirovic, S. E. Williams, J. Cannon, M. Seton, D. J. Bower, M. G. Tetley, C. Heine, E. Le Breton, S. Liu, S. H. J. Russell, T. Yang, J. Leonard, and M. Gurnis. A Global Plate Model Including Lithospheric Deformation Along Major Rifts and Orogens Since the Triassic. Tectonics, 38(6):1884-1907, 2019.
    doi: 10.1029/2018TC005462.
    Accompanying plate model data are available from the EarthByte website
  8. J. Sippel, C. Meeßen, M. Cacace, J. Mechie, S. Fishwick, C. Heine, M. Scheck-Wenderoth, and M. R. Strecker. The Kenya Rift revisited: insights into lithospheric strength through data-driven 3D gravity and thermal modelling. Solid Earth, 2017: 45-81, Vol. 8 2017.
    doi: 10.5194/se-8-45-2017.
  9. F. Leprieur, P. Descombes, T. Gaboriau, P. F. Cowman, V. Parravicini, M. Kulbicki, C. J. Melian, C. N. de Santana, C. Heine, D. Mouillot, D. R. Bellwood, and L. Pellissier. Plate tectonics drive tropical reef biodiversity dynamics. Nature Communications, 7, 2016.
    doi: 10.1038/ncomms11461.
  10. L. Pellissier, C. Heine, D. F. Rosauer, and C. Albouy. Are global hotspots of endemic richness shaped by plate tectonics? Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 123 (1):247-261, Nov 2017.
    doi: 10.1093/biolinnean/blx125.
  11. [invited review paper] S. Brune, C. Heine, P. D. Clift, M. Pérez-Gussinyé. Rifted margin architecture and crustal rheology: Reviewing Iberia-Newfoundland, Central South Atlantic, and South China Sea. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 2017.
    doi: 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2016.10.018.
    Email me for a pre-print PDF
  12. P. Descombes, M. S. Wisz, F. Leprieur, V. Parravicini, C. Heine, S. M. Olsen, D. Swingedouw, M. Kulbicki, D. Mouillot, and L. Pellissier. Forecasted coral reef decline in marine biodiversity hotspots under climate change. Global Change Biology, 21:2479--2487, 2015. doi:10.1111/gcb.12868.
  13. C. Heine, L. G. Yeo, and R. D. Müller. Evaluating global paleoshoreline models for the Cretaceous and Cenozoic. Australian Journal of Earth Sciences, 2015.
    doi: 10.1080/08120099.2015.1018321.
    Supplementary data: DOI
  14. S. Brune, Chr. Heine, M. Perez-Gussinye & S. Sobolev (2014): Rift migration explains continental margin asymmetry and crustal hyper-extension. Nature Communications 5:4014.
    doi: 10.1038/ncomms5014 [OPEN ACCESS].
  15. N. Barnett-Moore, N. Flament, Chr. Heine,N. Butterworth and R. D. Müller (2014): Neogene uplift of south Western Australia as constrained by river profiles.
    Doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2014.03.010
  16. Chr. Heine, S. Brune (2014): Oblique rifting of the Equatorial Atlantic: Why there is no Saharan Atlantic Ocean. Geology.
    doi: 10.1130/G35082.1.
  17. N. Flament, M. Gurnis, S. Williams, M. Seton, J. Skogseid, Chr. Heine, and R. D. Müller (2013): Topographic asymmetry of the South Atlantic from global models of mantle flow and lithospheric stretching. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 387(0):107--119.
    doi: 10.1016/j.epsl.2013.11.017
    PDF with supplementary online material
  18. Chr. Heine J. Zoethout and R. D. Müller (2013): Kinematics of the South Atlantic rift. Solid Earth, 4, 215-253, 2013 (open access).
    doi: 10.5194/se-4-215-2013
    Supplementary material, PDF, 30 MB Plate kinematic model and associated supplementary geospatial data are available through the Datahub (Creative Commons license, open data).
  19. Chr. Heine L. Quevedo, H. McKay and R. D. Müller (2012): Plate Tectonic Consequences of competing models for the origin and history of the Banda Sea subducted oceanic lithosphere. Eastern Australian Basin Symposium IV, Sep. 2012, Brisbane, Australia. arXiv: arXiv Document 1210.4958 (unformatted)
    EABS paper (formatted): Paper
  20. M./X. Chin/Qin, R. D. Müller, J.S. Cannon, T.C.W. Landgrebe, C. Heine, R. Watson & M. Turner (2012): The GPlates Geological Information Model and Markup Language Geosci. Instrum. Method. Data.
    doi: 10.5194/gi-1-111-2012
    Final paper: Final paper PDF Supplements (*.grot and Shapefile specifications): Supplement PDF Discussion paper: Discussion paper PDF
  21. C. Heine, R.D. Müller, B. Steinberger and L. DiCaprio (2010): Integrating deep Earth dynamics in paleogeographic reconstructions of Australia. Tectonophysics.
    doi: 10.1016/j.tecto.2009.08.028
    PDF (1.5 Mb)
  22. M. Seton and R.D. Müller and C. Gaina and C. Heine (2009): Mid-Cretaceous seafloor spreading pulse: Fact or fiction? Geology  37:687--690.
    doi:  10.1130/G25624A.1
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    doi: 10.1016/j.pepi.2008.05.008
    PDF (2.7MB)
  25. R.D. Müller, M. Sdrolias, C. Gaina, B. Steinberger and C. Heine (2008): Long-Term Sea-Level Fluctuations Driven by Ocean Basin Dynamics. Science, 319:1357--1362.
    doi: 10.1126/science.1151540
    PDF (0.8 Mb)
  26. J.M. Whittaker, R.D. Müller, M. Sdrolias and C. Heine (2007): Sunda-Java trench kinematics, slab window formation and overriding plate deformation since the Cretaceous. Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 255: 445--457.
    doi: 10.1016/j.epsl2006.12.031
    PDF (2 Mb)
  27. Exon, N.F., P.J. Hill, C. Heine and G. Bernadel (2006): The Kenn Plateau off northeast Australia: an important continental fragment in the southwest Pacific jigsaw. Aust. J. Earth Sci, 53:541-564.
    doi: 10.1080/08120090600632300
    PDF (6.9MB)
  28. N.F. Exon, P.J. Hill, Y. Lafoy, G. Burch, A. Post, C. Heine P. Quilty, R. Howe, and L. Taylor (2005): The geology of the Kenn Plateau off northeast Australia: results of the Southern Surveyor Cruise SS5/2004 (Geoscience Australia Cruise 270). Record 2005/4, Geoscience Australia, Canberra, Australia.
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    doi: 10.1080/08120090500100077
    PDF (5MB)
  30. C. O'Neill and C. Heine (2005): Reconstructing the Wolfe Creek meteorite impact: deep structure of the crater and effects on target rock. Aust. J. Earth Sci., 52:699--709.
    doi: 10.1080/08120090500100077
  31. C. Heine, R.D. Müller, C. Gaina (2004): Reconstructing the lost Eastern Tethys Ocean Basin: Constraints for the convergence history of the SE Asian margin and marine gateways, IN: Clift, Peter and Hayes, Dennis and Kuhnt, Wolfgang and Wang, Pinxian (eds.), Continent-Ocean Interactions in Southeast Asia, Vol 149, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., American Geophysical Union, Washington.
    doi: 10.1029/149GM03 PDF (11MB) or arrow-right.png Buy the book online
  32. C. Heine, R.D. Müller, and M.S. Norvick (2002): Revised tectonic evolution of the Northwest Shelf of Australia and adjacent abyssal plains, IN: Gorter, John (ed.) The Sedimentary Basins of Western Australia 3,Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia, Perth, pp. 955-957.
    PDF of poster Abstract
  33. R.D. Müller, D. Mihut, C. Heine, C. O'Neill, and I. Russell (2002): Tectonic and volcanic history of the Carnarvon Terrace: Constraints from seismic interpretation and geodynamic modelling, IN: Gorter, John (ed.), The Sedimentary Basins of Western Australia 3, pp. 719-740, Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia, Perth.

Conference Presentations

I haven't bothered to update the poster/presentation parts. Might do this at one stage. My ResearchGate page might have more up-to-date listings.

  1. Christian Heine, S. Brune and R. D. Müller (2011): Combining plate kinematic and lithospheric deformation models: A multi-phase extension history for the conjugate South Atlantic margins. Eos Trans. AGU, Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract T13C-2407, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco (USA).
  2. E. J.-P. Blanc and C. Heine (2011): Oceanic Ridge-Arc Collision as Trigger for Active Margin Continental Growth: Evidences from the Sakhalin Region and Sea of Okhotsk, Eastern Russia. GSA/DGG/GV Conference Fragile Earth, Munich (GER).
  3. C. Heine and S. Brune (2011): Breaking the Cratonic Equatoiral Atlantic Bridge: Why there is no Saharan Ocean. GSA/DGG/GV Conference Fragile Earth, Munich (GER).
  4. [invited] C. Heine, S. Williams and R. D. Müller (2011): Intracontinental rifts and plate kinematic models - towards a global deforming plate model. EGU General Assembly, Vienna (AUT).
  5. C. Heine J. Zoethout, R. Fletcher, R. Hunsdale, E. J.-P. Blanc (2011): Integrating lithospheric deformation and plate tectonic models: The evolution of South Atlantic conjugate margins revisited EGU General Assembly, Vienna (AUT).
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  7. Christian Heine, R. D. Müller and B. Steinberger (2007): Testing the interplay of eustacy and mantle driven dynamic topography in Australia. Session G7/GD15-1TU4O-006. European Geosciences Union, General Assembly, Vienna (AUT), 15--20. April 2007.
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  9. Christian Heine, R. D. Müller and B. Steinberger (2006): Dynamic topography and intraplate basins - an explanation for anomalous subsidence? Session Basin Modelling Advances. AAPG Meeting, Perth, 04.-11. November 2006."
  10. Christian Heine, R. D. Müller (2006): Anomalous subsidence in Australian intraplate basins. Session Mesozoic and Cainozoic tectonics, basins and hydrocarbon resources. Australian Earth Sciences Convention - Earth 2006, Melbourne 02.-06. July.
  11. Christian Heine, R. D. Müller (2006): Deciphering the evolution of intraplate basins on a global scale using open-source tools. Session Geo-Informatics. Australian Earth Sciences Convention - Earth 2006, Melbourne 02.-06. July.
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  15. (invited) Christian Heine, R. Dietmar Müller and Trond Torsvik (2005): Formation and evolution of sedimentary basins on accretionary crust, "Return to rifts" Conference, Geological Society of London - Petroleum Group, Burlington House, London UK, 05.-07. Apr. 2005
  16. (invited) Christian Heine, R. Dietmar Müller and Carmen Gaina (2004): Filling the gaps of eastern Gondwanaland: A new model for the evolution of the eastern Indian Ocean and revised fit reconstructions, 1st Asia Oceania Geosciences Society Meeting, Singapore, 06.-09.07.2004 

Abstracts & Posters

  1. Myron Thomas and Christian Heine (2019): Setting the Scene for a Paleogene Clastic Basin; Obduction of the Masirah Ophiolite, Oman,October 28-30, 2019. Third Edition of the Siliciclastic Reservoirs of the Middle East AAPG Middle East Region Geoscience Technology Workshop, Muscat, Oman. Search and Discovery article #90360
  2. Alexey Goncharov, Ian Deighton, Louise Duffy, Peter Petkovic, Hugh Tassell, Sandra McLaren & Christian Heine (2007): Basement and crustal controls on hydrocarbon maturation: Towards a holistic approach. Emerging plays in Australasia, Petroleum Group, Geological Society of London, London (GBR), 17--19. July 2007.
  3. Joanne Whittaker, R. Dietmar Müller, Maria Sdrolias & Christian Heine, (2007): Relationships between plate tectonics, slab windows, stress regimes and heat flow in Indonesia from 80 Ma to the present. Emerging plays in Australasia, Petroleum Group, Geological Society of London, London (GBR), 17--19. July 2007.
  4. C. Heine, and R. D. Müller (2004). A new plate tectonic model for Australia's northern and western margins; implications for the tectonic evolution of the North West Shelf. In: 2004 APPEA conference, March 28-31. Canberra, Australia. APPEA Journal, 44:1 (2004), anonymous, Ed., Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, CD ROM.
  5. C. Heine, C. Vandre, L. Limburg, B. Stöckhert, and M. Marquez. Deformation styles in the transitional zone between the Sierras de Tepuel and Tecka (Chubut Province, Argentina): Results from detailed structural mapping. In 18. Geowissenschaftliches Lateinamerika-Kolloquium, 03-05.April 2004, TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Terra Nostra - Schriften der Alfred-Wegener-Stiftung, number 2, page 37. Alfred-Wegener-Stiftung, Freiberg., 2003.
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  8. R. Dietmar Müller, Carmen Gaina, Maria Sdrolias, Christian Heine and Stuart Clark (2000): Reconstructed ocean floor age grids around Australia constrain the history of subduction, AGU Fall Meeting San Francisco.


  1. Christian Heine (2003): Kontinente verschieben statt Berge versetzen - Gesucht: Argoland, juniorRUBIN Sonderheft, Research Magazine of the Ruhr-University Bochum, ISSN 0942-6639, pp. 32-36 
  2. Christian Heine (2002): The Tectonic Evolution of the Northwest Shelf of Australia and southern Southeast Asia, Diplomarbeit, Institute of Geology, Mineralogy & Geophysics, Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany), 105pp.
    NB: The results of the thesis have been published as Heine et al. (2004) and Heine & Müller (2005). IN addition it is incorporated in the recent plate kinematic models released by the EarthByte group and with GPlates.